My plays shake the viscera.


Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe
(staged reading, Santa Fe Spring)

“How do you approach writing the book for a musical, as opposed to a play?”

The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico
Fellowship (The Secret Life of Birds)

Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe
directing Nilo Cruz’s glorious Sotto Voce

Women’s International Study Center Fellow-in-Residence (Healing Desire)

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity NYC
(Whence You Came, a play for woman and media)

Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe
(staged reading, The Consequence of Impression)

Cleveland Play House Centennial Plays (Litany)

Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe
(staged reading, The Secret Life of Birds)

Santa Fe Playhouse Playwrights’ Workshop
(Denial (is not a river in Egypt) )

Creede Repertory Theatre / HBMG Winter
Playwrights’ Retreat (Lady Ott’s Snapshots)

William Inge Theater Festival playwright
(Whence You Came, a play for woman and media)

The Bechdel Group NYC
(Denial (is not a river in Egypt) )

Eastern Island Educational Foundation, Norton
Island Residency (Healing Desire)

Sewanee Writers’ Conference, Tennessee Williams
Playwright Scholar (Denial (is not a river in Egypt) )

Directors Lab: Melbourne

Special Collections Reader, NYPL Berg Collection

Monster Box Theatre 365 Women a Year Festival
(May Sarton Dreams Deep)

Research grant, Maine Women Writers’ Collection /
May Sarton Collection

Cleveland Public Theatre Big Box workshop-production (Rouge Étude Or How Sherlock Holmes Became A Misogynist)

Directors Lab North

We cannot repair the world by mere reflection: theater must refract and refine.Playwright, composer, lyricist, director, Broadway actor/singer, poet, and
all-round energetic sort, DS Magid is a member of Cleveland Play House Playwrights’ Unit, is a Cleveland Public Theatre Artist, and co-founded ICWP's 50/50 Applause Award for gender parity in theater. Magid's works have been seen worldwide and comprise long, short, drama, comedy, musical, SciFi, rock opera, chamber opera, and “Richard Wagner’s Entire Ring Cycle in Ten Minutes with Sock Puppets.” 

Deborah Magid playwright composer Cleveland “new York” Ne York Santa Fe “Santa Fe” actress actor singer dancer choreographer librettist director musical director theater theatre

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